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freddydeee, Apr 8, 12 12:43 PM.
(only officers and higher are required to attend)

In the meeting we will discuss the following

  • Raid/Ops ideas
  • Ideas for the guild bank and changes to come with patch 1.2
  • Discuss a solution on rebuilding the imperial faction
  • Discussion with officers (concerns/ideas about the guild)

the meeting will be held on ventrillo and will be held at 7pm pacific standard time on April 17th.

If for any reason you are unable to attend the meeting please let me know ahead of time via game mail
Thank you...  


update Imperial faction

freddydeee, Apr 7, 12 3:31 AM.
to whom this may concern

there has been a mishaps in the guild (Imperial side) as of tonight

If you have been kicked out of the imperial side of the guild please send a message to Reyesa or Xaire and we will re add you back to the guild.  Sorry for all those who have been kicked out of the guild.  The member who was behind this is no longer with the guild...

Sorry again

Guild Master   Reyexa

Member notes!

freddydeee, Apr 1, 12 11:28 AM.
Remember guildees to set your member note to what your spec is..    For an example if you are a healer then put healer, if your dps put dps.   Also if its an alt character put the mains name with it so everyone knows

example   DPS atl reyexa

thanks, and may the force be with you!
WELCOME:  The Galactic Illuminati is a Star wars: The old republic (SWTOR) guild that was founded on 12/21/2012 by Reyexa, Xavin and Draklich.  The guild follows the philosophy of "we grow stronger within"  what that means is every guild member we assist within the guild can only make us stronger as a whole.  In other words don't be selfish, lend a land to a guild member.  At the moment the GI (Galactic Illuminati) is a social guild, though also participates in pvp and plans on raiding once they are prepared.  The GI has guilds on both the republic and imperial.  Xa'vin is the primary guild master on the imperial where as Reyexa is the primary guild master on the republic.  

RANKS:  Our ranking system is simple it goes from Boot, Member, Scout, Agent, then the Officer rank of champion, then an assistant guild master role labeled as Over Seer.  To gain ranks within the guild an officer or a GM (guild master) may promote you based off of certain acts or how much you contributed to the guild.  Loyalty is the most important act, though remember you still have to be active..
The Galactic Illuminati Vent
Galactic Illuminati Ventrillo server information (both factions) IP Address= Port= 3795 Password= yoda
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